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Jakarta Highland Gathering Fruitful Result
Jakarta Highland Gathering 2010 Band Result
1st Marches (SE Asian)
2nd Overall (SE Asian)
The Best Bass Drummer

China 1st St. Andrew's Golf Club
Travelled Across China to Beijing, Zhenzhou and Kunming for
the China 1st St. Andrew's Golf Cup

What's New

5/2010 - Participated in Jakarta Highland Gathering 2010
4/2010 - Performed for China 1st St. Andrew's Golf Cup
11/2009 - "Organisation" & "Archives" pages updated
10/2009 - Three members took part in the Piper's art piping recital
8/2009 - Members attended piping & drumming courses at the College of Piping in Glasgow
3/2009 - School children presented lovely teddy bears to HKStAPB member for the excellent musical performance
1/2009 - HKStAPB's music was on RTHK  Radio 3 & 4

Welcome to the website of the Hong Kong St. Andrews Pipe Band - a band which teaches and performs Scottish bagpipe music. Most of its members are experienced performers.

Our Mission:
1. To raise and enhance the interest and knowledge of members about bagpipes and bagpipe-related instruments by performing and teaching.
2. To promote the art of bagpipe music and the associated arts of drumming, dancing and drum majoring.
3. To communicate with local and foreign bagpipe and drum enthusiasts, exchange experience and ideas in playing, and improve  relationships with them.
4. To communicate with regional and international piping and pipe band-related bodies, to promote Scottish piping together. 

To achieve the mission in Hong Kong, our region and Mainland China, we will focus on the following areas:
1. Teaching
2. Performing at an extensive range of occasions
3. Band Developing
4. Music Publication
5. Concerts
6. Promoting Hong Kong as Asia's world city

We do:
1. Bagpiping
2. Pipe Band Drumming (Bass, Tenor and Snare)
3. Drum Majoring
4. Scottish Dancing

Email address: info@pipeband.org.hk

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